About us ...

'Out of the Blue Studios' offers you an exciting choice of fresh designs, captions, quality & value. We are regarded as one of the most progressive publishers in the industry.

Our current Everyday in-stock range was a finalist in the progressive greetings magazine awards "The Henries" in 2018, 2019 & 2020 for 'The Best Wholesale Range' and in 2019 we became proud WINNERS on the coveted award.  

Our range of 650+ 'In-Stock' Everyday cards offer outstanding premium quality, fantastic designs and excellent value for money. All are available to buy at All leading wholesale/distributors. 

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Changing the Future...

As part of our commitment to source Environmentally Friendly materials, our Spring 2021, Christmas Counter 2021 along with the progressive introduction of ALL of our Everyday In-Stock Ranges, will be manufactured using sustainably Sourced - FSC Accredited - Board, Insert & Envelopes thus reducing our carbon Footprint by over


All of our Cards will carry our specially Trademarked 'LOGO' to inform & assure both retailer & consumer that the Board & Paper used, has been sourced from managed forests & does not contribute to illegal deforestation.